Quote of the Day - George Bush

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 14 13:44:39 MDT 2003

I missed the start of the news item, but I'm pretty sure it was following
his meeting with Kofi Annan that Bush was answering questions from
reporters. I haven't found the transcript on line yet, but the following
should be pretty close to a verbatim quote - "We demanded that Saddam
Hussein let the inspectors in. He did not let them in. That's why we had to
send the troops in."

This from a man who calls his opponents "revisionist historians" and claims
that empty trailers were "weapons of mass destruction."

I know some people tell me you shouldn't underestimate George Bush, and I
agree you shouldn't underestimate his TEAM. But nothing will dissuade me
from thinking that George Bush himself is a total, freakin' idiot. Or, in
the words of a sign seen at a recent demo, someone suffering the effects of
"Depleted Cranium."

So maybe we should stop referring to him as a liar. Because someone THAT
stupid wouldn't even be held responsible for his words or actions in a court
of law. Clearly he hasn't a CLUE what he's saying.

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