Camejo listens to me ;-)

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Mon Jul 14 18:37:41 MDT 2003

OK, probably not. At least, not that quickly. However, a letter arrived from
his campaign today calling for support for his efforts in the recall
election. Although he starts out in his "investment manager" mode, with lots
of figures about budget deficits and calls for an independent audit, he then
moves on to taxes, with subheads including "The rich get richer, poor get
poorer" and "For a fair tax, lower taxes for the poor" and actually calls
(as one option) for cutting the sales tax, something I mentioned a couple
days ago, and then at the very end of his letter, uses the "I" word when he
talks about "oppos[ing] Washington's new imperial policy based on wars of

What will happen with this campaign remains to be seen; the whole political
situation in California is VERY fluid on this subject. However, it
definitely could be VERY interesting. Peter says in this letter that it will
be "quite difficult for the Democrats to keep the Green Party candidate out
of the debates." I certainly hope so, though it's also certainly not
guaranteed, as evidenced by the fact that the newspapers have so far been
doing a perfect job of hiding the existence of Peter's campaign. However the
prospect of Peter Camejo debating Arnold Schwarzenegger (and Rob Reiner?) is
certainly enough to keep one paying attention!

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