Troops return to US delayed

David McDonald dbmcdonald at
Mon Jul 14 20:18:21 MDT 2003

This is exactly the kind of stuff that drives soldiers crazy. In Vietnam
every account I've read says people started counting off their year tour the
day they got there....This is to say that soldiers plain do not know. And
the only way they are staying safe is to stay within their security net. And
it's getting hotter.

David McDonald

>From the NYTimes:

Longer Commitment of G.I.'s
WASHINGTON, July 14 (Reuters) — The Pentagon said today that thousands of
soldiers from the Army's Third Infantry Division would not return home by
September as expected but would stay in Iraq indefinitely.

Maj. Gen. Buford C. Blount III, the division's commander, last week
announced plans for the division to return home during July and August. But
the Army reversed itself today, saying the return of 9,000 of the division's
troops had been suspended.

The Pentagon deployed about 16,500 Third Infantry Division soldiers during
the war, and about 15,000 remain in Iraq and Kuwait.

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