Camejo and Schwarzendegger debate

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Tue Jul 15 07:10:16 MDT 2003

The way I heard it was that Arnold Schwarzendegger (55) and Maria Shriver
(47) were selling their Pacific Palisades compound bought in the 1980s for
$18 million (three houses on 5 acres of wooded land with a stream, plus 3
tennis courts and 3 swimmingpools) and shifting to a gated Brentwood
community house (five bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and six acres of land) they had
bought for $11.9 million. Arnold would earn around $30 million from
Terminator 3, and intended to stand as Republican candidate for California
governor. Maria Shriver, a niece of JFK, is the author of ""Ten things I
wish I'd Known - Before I went out into the Real World".

My questions are, (1) why would Arnold, a pretty tough guy, shift into a
"gated community" ? Is it because, in the real world, it is not really like
in the movies ? (2) Terminator II was one of my favourite action movies - is
it politically incorrect for socialists to enjoy Schwarzendegger films if he
campaigns as Republican for the governorship ?



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