Camejo and Schwarzendegger debate

David McDonald dbmcdonald at
Tue Jul 15 09:21:30 MDT 2003

>My questions are, (1) why would Arnold, a pretty tough guy, shift into a
>"gated community" ? Is it because, in the real world, it is not really like
>in the movies ? (2) Terminator II was one of my favourite action movies -
>it politically incorrect for socialists to enjoy Schwarzendegger films if
>campaigns as Republican for the governorship ?

Pacific Palisades is essentially a gigantic gated community, a sea of wealth
that merely appear to be porous. Probably it was too far into town and
helicopter landing rights too jealously guarded in the Palisades.

It's your aesthetics, not your politics, that you neeed to watch over,
Jurriaan. Now, Terminator One, the original, that was a movie. And you are
duty bound as a socialist to try to sneak in.

David McDonald

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