Gated communities and the Open Society

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Tue Jul 15 13:34:51 MDT 2003

> If, applying Soros's logic, free markets are supposed to be the real
> economic basis for the "open society", why then are we getting all
> these "gated communities" ?

i guess we should quote work on maxwell's demon here.

since the gatekeeper can apparently distinguish the class basis of
particle-ular people attempting to pass thru the gate, then by
applying local changes to the gate-membrane, he/she can influence the
entropy throughtout the interior of the gated volume. this follows
simply from elementary accounting on entropy flux.

an interesting dynamic arises however, in that the gatekeeper with
probability near one will come from the class which does not live
inside the gated volume. Thus he/she can be depended upon to identify
just those particles which are intended to be prevented from passing
thru the membrane. Note too that it does NOT matter if the gateeeper
can NOT properly identify those from the "gated" class. this follows
from two subsidiary mechanisms. one is that it is most important to
keep one bad apple OUT, otherwise the whole barrel can be spoiled. the
second is that particles from the gated class have appeal to the
OWNER'S of the gatekeeper, gatehouse, and gate mechanisms. thus there
is a secondary route by which the right class can gain entry to the
castle. or to put it differently, the right classs of people KNOW WHO
TO CALL to get the job done. although this invokes rather non-local
effects in the entropy balance, we can accomodate these effects via
other transport schemes.

to sum up the results of our research then, the free market logic is a
"consistent" logic globally, but allows localized pockets of class
segregation to be maintained. and precisely because the gate-protected
class is smaller by a factor of avogagro's number than the non-gated
class, we thus see that this logic is "incomplete", as there are
results which are easily obtained by elementary empricism which can
not be derived from the axioms of the logic.

les schaffer

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