"Sequestering" Resources-- the South and the North

DMS dmschanoes at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 15 12:40:27 MDT 2003

Unitary?  No, but Dominant, most definitely.
We know what types of property organization dominated
the Southern economy, do we not?  Fifteen different
micro-societies?  Well that's fine, but when push
came to shove, as push always comes to shove, the
dominant form moved the entire society to secession.

That is the issue.  What are the precipitating,
dominating forces?

As for natural rights, etc... that argument really isn't
worth pursuing.  And not for reasons of self-contradiction
but for reasons of history, development, causality.

Like I said we're spinning wheels here.
 You want the last word?
OK, I won't respond to the next post on this matter.

Trinity?  Man, you're way off.  Never wanted to be an
academic.  Killing time?  Actually, no.  Right now, keeping
track of the PM rush hour, 1575 from New Haven is 1 minute
late (critical train for post 6 PM operation). That's good


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