Gated Communities and the Open Society - addition

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Tue Jul 15 16:23:11 MDT 2003

Les, you wrote:

"although this invokes rather non-local effects in the entropy balance, we
can accommodate these effects via other transport schemes".

Sorry to be so brainless, but would this mean, for example, that these
people who live in a gated community would fly in somebody to get the job
done by plane ? I mean, normally you would need to have quite a bit of cash
to live there in the first place. I am just thinking Camejo here, I am
thinking about the environmental pollution effects of living in a gated
community, where you have to have everything trucked to your doorstep.

Presumably, if you are wanting to be a politician and represent your
constituents, then you would want to live among your constituents in a
transparent way, rather than live in a gated community to be shut off from
your constituents, at least if you believe in a democratic, free and open

But maybe I am a little naive, and maybe I just don't know what is going on
in Califormia these days. I check out the LA Times regularly, which often
has thoughtful stories, but it is not the same as being there.

For the rest, I will try to think more about telephone strategy (actually, I
don't even own a mobile now).


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