"Sequestering" Resources-- the South and the North

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Tue Jul 15 17:01:42 MDT 2003

Mark Lause wrote:

> Even with military control of rigged elections, voters in parts of
> the South remained three-to-one and four-to-one opposed to
> secession.


you -- or someone like you -- need to write a history text for high
school use. i will publish it on the web if you like, after i read it

let me use myself as an example of the normal history-educated person
in the US. i am being (almost) perfectly serious here:

from my recollection, what we were taught is, the South had and used
slaves, and the North did not. the slaves were brought over in boats
from Africa. i do not know who built the boats, or who even cooked up
such a twisted scheme, i sure never heard of such a thing before. the
South flew a different flag than the North, but i don't know who
invented that flag or who sewed it, though i do know who invented the
North's flag, Betsy Ross, or maybe she just designed it???  the slaves
were very poorly mistreated. Some bearded guy finally felt bad about
that. he debated some guy named Douglas, though the exchange wasn't
published on the web. i forget what they talked about, but the bearded
guy was VERY ELOQUENT. i think that's maybe the first time i heard the
word "eloquent" used in a sentence. then some other guy named John
Brown hit a fort (or maybe it was a village, or maybe a ship???)  in a
courageous outburst, and the conflict came to a head. lots of people
died, it was very sad, brother against brother. the bearded guy gave
an address -- though now that i think about it, if what he said in the
address is true, how did we get in such a heap of trouble in the first
place??? -- at some big field in Pennsylvania when the sad times were
almost over. then it was over. there was some people named
carpetbaggers, they came from the south. they did something bad, but i
cant remember what -- but i vaguely recall they took advantage of
something.  then there was a reconstruction, and we all weren't as
sad. then blacks moved North and they felt better too. some guy
invented a machine to pick cotton. i think that was after the sad
times. he was really a clever guy, he saved us all a LOT of hard
work. now we're all even more less sad.

this is basically what i remember from high school history class on
the Civil War.

nuff said?

i have compared notes with my father, and we agree SOMETHING happened
to the teaching of history at the pre-college level sometime between
1945 and 1968.

postscript: ok, i cheated and on a hunch checked the web. cotton gin
was invented before civil war. so how come the south needed slaves to
pick cotton?


i am reasonably sure we were never taught that the cotton gin aided in
growth of slavery, all i remember is being told picking cotton was
hard and whitney "made things easier".

les schaffer

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