fwd: The new Nigerian Spam [jeers]

paul illich paul_illich at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 16 01:40:16 MDT 2003

And so it begins - the Nigerian strain of spam has mutated into
the new improved Liberian spam...

Coming to a mailbox near you in droves from now!

Apologies to those who've seen this already, but for the rest
of us, here's another example of the electronic age's stupidity

I wonder how many will fall for this variation on the theme??


Dear Sir,

My name is Dr. Sabato Wiah. I am the Vice-President of Liberia and I am
writing on behalf of myself and our President (President Charles Taylor of
Liberia). As you may know, we have recently been ordered by President George
W.Bush of the United States to step down from power in our country to give
chance to an American selected interim government. I am presently staying in
Switzerland awaiting the approval of my assylum application from the Swiss

We (i.e. myself and President Charles Taylor) have two hundred and fifty
million US dollars (US$250m) cash in a safe deposit box in one of the
European Union countries. We desire to deposit this US$250m into bank
accounts in European or in the United States or Canada, for legitimate
businesses in commerce and agriculture. Unfortunately we do not have the
legal resident status to open up banks accounts in any of these countries,
nor do we have the social or business capability to defend the lodgement of
this volume of money to any banks within these countries.

We hereby request your assistance in providing us with viable bank accounts
within Europe or United State or Canada, where we can deposit this US$250.

We will be happy to pay you a commission of 10% of the total amount (i.e.
US$25m) if you can provide us the necessary bank accounts within Europe or
United States.

We hereby guarantee you our honesty and transparency. We also affirm that
this money is not drug money, nor terrorist money or crime money.

Please note that this transaction must be treated as a top secret ( to
protect my reputation and the reputation of the President and also to
protect the transaction).

Please contact me or President Charles Taylor immediately through any of our
contact details below in Switzerland:

i. Telephone Number in Switzerland: Tel: +41-7-9532-3567.
ii. E-mail Address:     charles_taylor2000 at yahoo.com
iii. e-fax Number: Fax: +1-270-637-5072

We look forward to working with you soon.

Dr. Sabato Wiah

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