Anti-Parliamentary Communism, by Mark Shipway

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Wed Jul 16 07:18:57 MDT 2003

I am forwarding this annoucement  as well as Shipways book this site has
excellent anarchist and left
communist texts on their site, well worth reading, downloading etc.

Mark Shipway's book Anti-Parliamentary Coimmunism, the
Movement for Workers Councils in Britain, 1917-45 is
now available  on the Anarchist Federation, Manchester
This book covers the history of anti-parliamentary
communism in Britain from the Russian revolution to
the end of World War 2.  It chronicles the work of the
Workers Dreadnought group, the Anti-Parliamentary
Communist Federation, Glasgow Anarchist Group and
more.  Originally published in 1988, the book has been
unavailable for 10 years.
I started thisd project years ago.  With the aid of
new OCR software, i've finally finished it.
I'd be grateful for any reports of broken or stupid

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