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Wed Jul 16 12:13:08 MDT 2003

Michael Feldman wrote:
> This is the rubbish sent out by the CPUSA to justify its support for the
> Democrats. Notice how this article completely ignores any discussion of
> principles and only speaks of strategy, tactics and "marxist
> analysis"--based on what?

The CPUSA has played an important role in the peace, civil rights and
labor movement in this country. One of the things I had to overcome in
my post-Trotskyist re-education is this positive aspect in a party that
I had a very low opinion of.

Unfortunately, there is still no excuse for backing the Democratic
Party. Lenin wrote "Ultraleftism, an Infantile Disorder" in order to
persuade German Communists to unite with the social democrats. The
Democratic Party in the USA has nothing in common with the German social
democracy, which despite having been responsible for the death of
Luxemberg and Liebknecht, did participate in the workers revolt of 1923.

If the CP gave its wholehearted backing to the Green Party, the
opportunities for independent political action would be enhanced
greatly. That being said, the CofC is not much better on this score.
They also seem to view voting for Democrats as a tactic.


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You really know how to make things clear.

Please unsubscribe me.

You have to over come some fucking Trotskyite past and elementary American
history means nothing to me or the forward moving sector of the proletariat.  I
have never really understood the betrayal until this moment.  You helped me
understand what I simply refused to see, because I simply could not accept this
level of betrayal. It was to painful and the comrade would say I did not

The moment you stop being moderator and become a fucking Troshyite is the
moment I understand. Thanks.

This hurt me in a manner you will never understand. I have never in my life
asked or demanded that a human being have a certain political persecutive and
you apparently do not know what you wrote.

You Trotskyites are not even a foot note in history and you have condemned
our working class for the last time for me.

I have had enough. Thanks but no thanks.


Mevlin P.

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