: (fwd from Rakesh Bhandari) reply to DMS on slavery

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Wed Jul 16 14:05:59 MDT 2003

From: Rakesh

>It "sequestered" resources and it wanted to "sequester" any
>territories entering the Union.

The South was uniquely expansive?


CB: It doesn't prove it , but this is Marx's position on this. The slave
mode of production had a huge need/appetite for land. There was a limit to
how much it could intensify production ( to an earlier part of this
exchange, Marx claims that slaves will detroy machinery and as they rundown
mules. There is a limit to the level of skill slaveowners are willing to
take their chattel, because it promotes slave-revolt). There are passages in
Marx on this, but it doesn't prove it, they Marx did argue based on
empirical evidence.

Marx argues that Lincoln's position that the slave states couldn't expand
 Lincoln did not hold at the beginning of the war that slavery be abolished
in the states where it existed) was a death knell for the slave system, and
they had to fight to the death

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