re Melvin P.

Richard Harris rhh1 at
Wed Jul 16 14:11:11 MDT 2003

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Someone said:

I would welcome Melvin P. back. He is always
interesting and different.

Well, Melvin P. is interesting and different.

But 'back' means back to this list.  LP has established in this list
into the kind of socialist democracy we need to begin to live if we are
to break through the sect mentality of the 20th century to find again
Marx's broad vision of an international working peoples movement.

This list is the only forum I know where this happens.

Comrades who write in these terms:

a fucking Troshyite

about LP should not be welcome back just because they are 'interesting.'
We cannot build socialism with people who think the main task facing the
working class is internecine war with other socialists.

The main task is exactly the opposite.  Comrade LP here gives us a forum
in which we can be what we want to become, communists.  I find the list
valuable for exactly that reason.

Don't you?

Richard Harris
Canterbury, Kent.

i.e. in case I need to spell it out, Melvin needs to accept the rules,
which are hardly oppressive but do demand we treat each other with

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