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DMS dmschanoes at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 16 11:55:14 MDT 2003


I appreciate the time and effort you put in your responses,
but I really do not see the point of citing 20 different
books.  Nor do I see the point in having to prove that the
historical data is in fact the historical data.  Did the
South and the North have an enduring conflict.  Yes.  Did
that conflict manifest itself in the struggle over the
territories.  Yes.  Did the South dread Northern expansion
and attempt to "sequester" the territories from the North as
part of a blocking effort.  Yes.  Was the South able to
effectively expand itself on the large scale into the West?
No.  Did the South and other slave/plantation economies keep
large tracts of land fallow, unused at a rate significantly
higher than the North or free capitalism?  Yes.  Did the
productive nature of farm output in the free soil North exceed
that of the South by the time of the war?  Was the South
able to sustain combat from its own economy in the face of
the North once emancipation was declared and the Union Army
was given to Grant and Sherman?  Not for long.  Etc. Etc.

Draw your own conclusions, as I have drawn mine.  I read
as much as I can, mostly that is not material from Marxist
commentators, so I really can't respond to those arguments.

We could have an interesting discussion about the actual
employment of machinery for free vs. plantation agriculture,
but not about the "rationality" of the decisions of the


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