'revolution' #21

Philip Ferguson PLF13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Wed Jul 16 16:50:51 MDT 2003

The new issue of the NZ-based Marxist magazine 'revolution', #21, is
about to go to the printer and will be available in a couple of days. 
It's a (rather late) July-September issue and the contents are as follows:

1 Pacific Island cover
2 Contents and credits

3 Editorials: • Will Shannon and Philip Ferguson on WMD lies and NZ complicity

4 Behind the power ‘crisis’ • Daphna Whitmore on how marketisation
stuffed the electricity industry in NZ, leading to regular winter crises
6 Plundering Iraq • Philip Ferguson and Will Shannon on the US occupation

9 Litany of lies • Counterpunch on the lies US leaders told about Iraq’s
alleged WMDs
10 Prostitution legalised in NZ • Huw Jarvis on the recently passed law
reform, legalising prostitution and brothels in NZ

11 Most women still oppressed • Willa Bermingham on how a small minority
of women have done very well out of the economic reforms since the
1980s, while most women are worse off
12 Samoan citizenship and immigration: Labour vs workers • Philip
Ferguson on the struggle of Samoans to regain the NZ citizenship which
National and Labour stripped them of in the early 1980s

15 The position of Pacific Islanders in NZ • Will Shannon looks at a new
report on PIers, which shows the emergence of a new PI middle class in
NZ, but most PIers remain at the bottom of the heap
16  Behind the ‘crisis’ in the Solomons • Will Shannon on the background
to Oz/NZ armed intervention in the Solomon Islands 

18 France: May-June ‘68: revolution in the air  
• It’s 35 years since the biggest general strike in history took France
to the verge of revolution; John Devine looks at what happened 

20 Why did Australia attack Iraq?
• It’s part of a long history of Australian imperialism, argues Tom O’Lincoln

24 New Zealand’s imperialist record • Philip Ferguson

26 North Korea: another pawn in Washington’s game?
• Far from being an obdurate, menacing threat to the US, North Korea is
a poor country which has constantly sought peaceful co-existence with
Washington, argue Workers Fight

31 Changes at revolution - we were just a mag, now we're a tendency too

Living section
32 Lucinda Williams • Nigel Williamson on one of America's finest
34 Maligning Humanity 
• Grant Pheloung on the anti-humanism of The Matrix Reloaded and 28 Days Later

35 Anti-Capitalist Alliance Roundup
ACA news from around the country, including current charges pending
against ACA members over flag-burning, our antiwar work and an ACAer's
visit to the red zones in Nepal
36 Breaking news:
New US reality TV show to decide next ruler of Iraq

The mag comes out quarterly and is 3-40 pages, with occasional special
issues of up to 48 pages.  Costs $NZ3.75 within NZ.  Subs in NZ, $NZ22
for 6 issues; subs to Australia, $NZ35; rest of the world, $NZ40. 
That's about $US25 or 14 quid sterling, airmail.  Cheques should be made
out to our publisher, the Radical Media Collective and sent to RMC at
P.O. Box 513, Christchurch, NZ.

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