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Wed Jul 16 17:36:33 MDT 2003

>I for one would be happy to contribute some of my private correspondence
>with Mark (minus some personal stuff) to a permanent archive of Mark's work
>that will carry on his spirit, razor-sharp mind and total commitment to the
>liberation of all oppressed Peoples from any and all forms, sources and
>forces of oppression.
>Jim C.

Mark's humanity came through in every letter I ever got from him, even when
death seemed to be knocking on the door. Not only did he get the will to
live from his comrades in cyberspace, but we also were encouraged to
struggle by his own example. We should definitely include a letters section
in the archives. The reference below is to a book that Mark wanted to
co-author with me. In a very real sense, he is the co-author of every
single thing I ever write. He was my revolutionary muse.

 From Mark in July, 2001:

I've been meaning to write but am too ashamed. But trust me, I am working,
and this is the evidence: I got a lump in my mouth and thought I'd got a
recurrence of cancer and rushed with horror to see my onc doc the other
day, and he reassured me that I'm merely stressed out and this leaves me
my teeth. I realised at once he was right: I spent so much time recently
reading bullshit I need to critique for our book that I have quite
literally begun grinding my teeth. This has been a lesson for me. I have to
get out more. I have to eat more organic rhubarb. But my chapters, trust
me, are coming.

Best love to both of you from both of us

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