Forwarded from Derek S. (Greens)

Jon Flanders jonathan.flanders at
Wed Jul 16 20:07:03 MDT 2003

<<If Nader's 4-8% poll numbers hold up, about 4-8 million people will
vote for the Green presidential candidate.>>

 I think this is very unlikely. The disaffected liberals who were the
base of the Green campaign around Nader are desperate to get rid of
Bush. Lesser evilism will have a big pull in 2004. Nader has already
made another run contingent on who the Democrats put up.

If the Green 2004 presidential vote is  low, then the left will be
chastised by the right wing of the Greens along the lines of "we told
you so."

How long this sort of back and forth can go on is anyone's guess, only
an explosion in the working class can really blow up the appeal for
"giving the Democrats another chance."

Jon Flanders

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