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James Zarichny zarichny at
Thu Jul 17 01:57:44 MDT 2003

Years ago, some of my frinds in Detroit told me about
the upsurge around the League of Revolutionary Black
Workers and later of the Communist Labor Party.  I was
very impressed by what I was told.  The CLP was
running a charasmatic candidate for the state
legislature.  About 2000 people volunteered to do
canvassing and support work for this candidate.
Walter Reuther, the national president of the auto
workers union panicked at the thought of a Communist
winning.  More union funds were spent on defeating the
Communist candidate than were spent on defeating an
anti-labor Republican in another district.  In the
Ford factory, the workers put up a huge Communist
banner and it stayed for several weeks because
management was afraid to take it down.  All of this
came word of mouth.  I have never seen any of this in
print.  But it was certainly the greatest radical
upsurge in America in the last 40 years.  Those were
heady days (but very localized).

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