Al Sharpton

Mallard Q. Duck mqduck at
Thu Jul 17 06:46:50 MDT 2003

Eli Stephens wrote:

> Last night CSPAN carried a moderated program (can't really call it a
> debate) with most of the Democratic candidates. While Kucinich,
> Mosely-Braun, and Sharpton were all fairly indistinguishable (but not
> undistinguished!) on the issues, the most interesting bit came from Al
> Sharpton. The transcript isn't available at, although the
> video is, but from memory, when asked (by moderator Sam Donaldson)
> about his history of activism, made a point of saying that activism
> was a key effector of change, and that advances like civil rights came
> from activism, not from lobbying and elections.

Another choice quote:
"If you haven't been to jail for a cause by the time you're fifty years
old, you ought not tell nobody."

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