French and Jewish fascists bloc against Arabs

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The Independent
French and Jewish extremists unite on Net against Arabs
By John Lichfield in Paris
17 July 2003

Extreme-right and neo-Nazi groups in France have formed an anti-Arab and
anti-Muslim alliance on the internet with extremist Jewish groups, a
report published yesterday said.

Since the French far right is known for its visceral anti-Semitism, the
alliance has puzzled and disturbed anti-racism campaigners and
mainstream Jewish organisations.

A series of linked websites, calling for violent "resistance" against
the "Islamic Republic of France" and its leader, "President Ben Shirak"
(Jacques Chirac), operated through a single host in the United States
from 1999 until March this year, according to the report.

Responsibility for the sites, which called for attacks on mosques to
provoke a civil war between Arabs on one side and white French and Jews
on the other, has been traced to members of extreme right-wing groups in
France, but also to extremist Jewish organisations.

All the sites disappeared mysteriously from the internet on a single day
in March. Investigators for a French anti-racism organisation believe
that the temporary black-out was caused by a quarrel between the
unlikely new allies over the American-led invasion of Iraq.

Far-right groups allied to Jean-Marie Le Pen's National Front stridently
opposed the war; extremist Jewish groups in France wholeheartedly
supported it.

Despite this spat, new internet sites have sprung up in recent weeks,
spouting the same vicious anti-Arab rhetoric, and have been traced once
again to an informal coalition of far-right and extremist Jewish groups
and individuals in France.



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