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Derek S. derektheredrebel at
Thu Jul 17 10:30:24 MDT 2003

> Discuss amongst yourselves. :-)  As for me, I will
> certainly be supporting
> Camejo in the California runoff, but at the same
> time maintaining, along
> with Al Sharpton (and traditional leftist dogma)
> that activism, not
> electoralism, is the key to change.

What exactly are you trying to imply about those of us
who have taken an interest in the possibilities
regarding the Greens?

I don´t believe anyone thinks that the real changes we
desire will come from electing someone. I interpeted
the main thrust of Jose´s argument as this, simply
that Camejo´s campaign was becoming a space where the
American people´s basic sentiments could begin to be
expressed on their current political level, with an
identity independent of the ruling class´ parties.
Further, with this comes the opportunity for the
activation and further development of political
consciousness and action. The US left has
traditionally advocated for a Labor Party to play this
role, but this has proven unsuccessful. So, maybe the
Greens can get something going. If it looks like a
possibility, we should support it and be there to try
to push it in the right direction and clarify
important political issues.

The point isn´t to get this or that Green elected, but
to give the working class its much needed space to
grow politically on its own (and with our help) and
move PAST elections and towards action.

As for taking over the Democrats.... yikes. If it was
a realistic and desirable option, of course we should
consider it. But all strategies like this have failed
miserably, leading to demoralization and cooptation of
the Left (maybe someone could comment on post-60´s
attempts at this by radicals ¨looking for another
way¨). They´ve failed because the Dems are a massive
apparatus that´s structurally tied to the ruling
class, with a slick flexibity used to coopt
progressive movements and causes. This is why we need
a party independent of them. If we were to actually
amass the numbers to take the majority of the local
branches of the Dems, then shit... we could just have
a revolution instead.


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