Talkin' about my generation by G. William Domhoff

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Thu Jul 17 11:46:07 MDT 2003

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From: "Louis Proyect" <lnp3 at>

> My only suggestion to you is to lay off the politics and society
> where you can only do harm--not that any firebrand undergraduate is
> likely to take your stumping for the Democratic Party and class peace
> too seriously. Why don't you stick with dream studies? Until I did a
> google search on you, I had no idea you were so involved with such an
> esoteric subject. Your book "The Mystique of Dreams" earned this
> cover-leaf accolade: "A fascinating strand of the human potential
> movement of the 1960s." I guess we now know which exit you took off
> main highway.

This seems a bit harsh, Louis. Domhoff was a psychologist specializing
in the study of dreams first, and only later got into sociological
research on American elites. His dual career is perhaps analogous to
Chomsky's, except that Chomsky never sought, and MIT never gave him, a
position in the political science department, and for better or worse
Chomsky has never cared much about attaching academic credentials to his
political work.


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