Talkin' about my generation by G. William Domhoff

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Jul 17 12:40:59 MDT 2003

Stuart Lawrence wrote:
> This seems a bit harsh, Louis. Domhoff was a psychologist specializing
> in the study of dreams first, and only later got into sociological
> research on American elites. His dual career is perhaps analogous to
> Chomsky's, except that Chomsky never sought, and MIT never gave him, a
> position in the political science department, and for better or worse
> Chomsky has never cared much about attaching academic credentials to his
> political work.

Domhoff is trying to make sense of dreams. You might as well try to make
sense out of a Madonna video, not that some people don't get PhD's and
tenure wasting time in this fashion.


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