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i'll have some responses to your post after work today. in the
meantime, i couldn't help but spend a few minutes googling:

  with link to articles on Buenos Aires:

  latin america:


  a Zimbabean tours Seattle:

  research paper:

  protection of public spaces:

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     Gated Communities

     On the outskirts of Moscow are a number of very expensive gated
     communities. The Moscow Country Club, Rosinka, and Pokrovsky
     Kholmi are several of the better known gated communities built
     and operated by Western firms. Rent on a 3 - 4 bedroom town house
     in one of these communities will set you (or your firm) back at
     least $100,000 a year in rent.

     Pokrovsky Kholmi, built by Hines, is one of the newest gated
     communities and has the added advantage of being adjacent to the
     Anglo-American School, the largest school for expatriate children
     in Moscow.


     (but note political bent of speaker in later part of interview:
     "I don't want to criticise society; I want to celebrate
     individual initiative." )

      MP: Your story is an excellent example of what is happening
      today on the Mexican/US border where two cities, Tijuana and San
      Diego, make a bustling new urban situation. They grow and
      blossom because of the border.

      Borders used to divide, right? I believe that today national
      states, which are based on the territorial principal, are giving
      way to cities. I was recently struck by the urban situation in
      the West Bank. If you look at the map of the West Bank and the
      many Jewish settlements there, it becomes obvious that it is
      nearly impossible to think of a unified Palestinian
      territory. So I thought, this might well be a new reality, where
      cities and not national states rule.

      Also, in the West Bank you have parallel use of the same space
      at the same time. Jewish settlements are connected together with
      ring roads in an urban grid, independently of Palestinian
      villages and their roads. You encounter something similar in
      Johannesburg, where gated communities live parallel and
      independently of sprawling shanty towns. I read somewhere that
      by 2100, the organisation of societies will be based on
      city-states. We are looking at a new logic here.

"Me and my family moved in our apartment complex
A gate with the serial code was put up next
They claim that this community is so drug free
But it don't look that way to me..."

--Goodie Mob, "Cell Therapy"

les schaffer

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