Frank Little [II]

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at
Thu Jul 17 14:20:43 MDT 2003

The Frank Little documentarian material posted on Marxism has said the
killers of Frank Little were never identified.  This is false.  They were
known almost immediately.

A few years ago, my youngest son, Peter Gray Salter, now City Editor of the
Lincoln Journal Star, was running the Anaconda, MT office of the Butte-based
Montana Standard.  He did a great deal of archival research for me on the
Frank Little period.  Among the treasures he produced is the front page of
The Butte Miner, Tuesday morning, August 2, 1917 -- a day after Frank
Little's murder.  This entire very long page is devoted to stories of the
murder -- and one article is headlined, "Five of seven men who formed
lynching party are known, says lawyer."  No names are given there but, soon
thereafter, extensive Industrial Commission hearings were held in which
every one of the killers was specifically named.  I have read the testimony.
They were never punished.

The page hangs behind glass on our dining room wall at this very moment.

I have never heard, anywhere, as the documentarian now alleges, that
Dashiell Hammett was never in fact  offered [and thus rejected ] the job of
killing Frank Little.  To put it on the basis that, at 18 or so, he was too
young to be depended on is historically ridiculous.  It may come as a
surprise to the documentarian's generation, but at that age -- and even
younger -- people were considered full fledged, capable adults.  They still
are in many part of this country and Canada -- and certainly in the military
services.  A big kid at 14 and 15, I lied substantially about my age and
held rough and tough adult jobs in the rural west for several years.

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