Forwarded from Nestor (gates)

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Thu Jul 17 14:30:22 MDT 2003

I free-associated the "gates" with the millionaire guy
and I thought about his mansion up in Seattle area.
That is no gated "community."
Nor is the Kennedy compound on the other coast.
Or the Bush estate at Kennebunkport.

When I lived in New York City, I had gates or bars on my windows,
just like everyone else who lived on the ground floor in that city.
Rich or poor.

Where I live now everyone makes about in the same range.
Many don't lock their doors.  Some folks leave their keys in
their cars, engines running, when they go into the convenience
store in the winter.

The compelling dysfunction leading to such hyper-defensive measures in
an ostensible "community" originates in the violence of inequality.
The terrified rich should be made aware that their salvation
is the same as everyone's:
we have to get it together.

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