Dreams (was Talkin' about my generation by G. William Domhoff)

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Thu Jul 17 14:41:44 MDT 2003

Lou wrote:

> Maybe he can explain why I keep having these dreams about being back
> in high school clad only in my underwear.


> Domhoff is trying to make sense of dreams. You might as well try to
> make sense out of a Madonna video, not that some people don't get
> PhD's and tenure wasting time in this fashion.

i'd like to warmly recommend J. Allan Hobson's "The Dreaming Brain:
How the brain creates both the sense and the nonsense of dreams",
Basic Books. Hobson is a prof at the Harvard Medical School.

he has developed a new theory of dreams that relates their character
to the physiological state of the body and brain during sleep
(particularly REM sleep).  a concise account of his theory is in
Chapter 9, The Brain as a Dream Machine: and Activation-Synthesis
Hypothesis of Dreaming.

here is a snippet from the chapter:


so that one might ask, was your pants too tight that day and you had
those waistband imprints on your skin during sleep?  like hobson's
telephone, some sensory data does once in a blue moon make it into a

i suspect you sleep without pajamas.   ;-)

by the way, Hobson does not knock simple interpretations of dreams. so
that we are allowed a field day w/ Lou's dreams, so long as we hold
fast to a material basis for the primitives in the action scenes.

les schaffer

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