Pondering Swift

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at tomaatnet.nl
Thu Jul 17 17:23:52 MDT 2003

How about these Swift quotes:

"It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never
reasoned into."


"Falsehood flies and the truth comes limping after; so that when men come to
be undeceived it is too late: the jest is over and the tale has had its
effect. -- The Examiner, Number 15 (November 9, 1710)"

But how about this one:

"Dr. Arbuthnot likes the Projectors least, others you tell me, the Flying
island; some think it wrong to be so hard upon whole Bodies or Corporations,
yet the general opinion is, that reflections on particular persons are most
to be blamed: so that in these cases, I think the best method is to let
censure and opinion take their course. -- letter to Alexander Pope, 27 Nov.

and finally:

"A nice man is a man of nasty ideas." -- Thoughts on Various Subjects

All the best :)


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