Frank Little [II]

Mark Lause MLause at
Thu Jul 17 19:24:52 MDT 2003


Thanks so much for these posts on Frank Little.  I think the Students
for a Democratic Society put together the same way as the IWW, united by
a strongly held finite number of ideas, values and impulses with a lot
of turnover in a membership that had very little, if any, interest in
extending that basis for unity to matters that had not brought them
together in the first place.

Radicals familiar with centralized organizations, groups and movements
tend to expect decentralized organizations, groups, and movements to
perform the same though the differences could be measured by a
mere word of separation between them.  Asking about the IWW position on
the Russian Revolution--or what the SDS thought about
Stalinism---assumes much more than we should.  Certainly, the individual
might reply...there might even be resolutions adopted by local
bodies...or national leadership circles, but such things wouldn't
necessarily mean anything to the ranks. It just wasn't in the nature of
the beast.

On the other hand, currents that are not hardened and defined can be
unexpectedly pervasive, and leave legacies that are incredibly durable.
So here we are, nearly a century after the founding of the IWW,
discussing its nature and paying homage to its achievements.

Btw, what sort of celebration is being prepared for 2005?

Mark L.

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