Nationalism (reply to Jurriaan)

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at
Thu Jul 17 19:52:17 MDT 2003

>>sorry if I seemed to be a bit ad hominem/ won't harange you in

I didn't find you ad hominem, and when I said you coming to Australia was a
"delightful prospect", I meant it.

>>If, as Lenin DOES argue, we defend the right to NATIONAL
self-determination, distinguishing between the position of oppressed
nations and oppressor nations in this ... how can we IN PRACTICE do so
without making de facto real political concessions to the NATIONALISM of
the oppressed, with the aim of mobilisation against imperialism ?<<

Yes, that's the issue. It isn't easy and we shouldn't be too judgemental.
Our disagreement is that I see it as something we should try to do, and you
apparently don't.

warm regards

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