Clear Channel Defamation Campaign Against Scott Ritter

Jon Flanders jonathan.flanders at
Thu Jul 17 20:54:08 MDT 2003

Clear Channel radio talk show host Scott Allen Miller is currently
conducting a venomous campaign of defamation against anti-war activist
and former UN Inspector Scott Ritter. Ritter was cleared of charges
involving an alleged under-aged girl and the Internet several years ago,
and the case was sealed. The local press ran the story just before the
outbreak of the Iraq war, in a thinly veiled attempt to discredit

Scott Allen Miller's defamation campaign goes on both on his radio show
on 810am WGY and on his internet site at:, where he utilizes Burger King as a
prop in his attack.

I suggest that Burger King might not appreciate Scott Allen Miller's
attempt to use them as part of his slander effort. You can call them to
complain at  305-378-3535

The Texas Pacific Group recently acquired Burger King. Their address
information is:
301 Commerce St., Ste. 3300
Fort Worth, TX 76102

At a meeting this Sunday in Delmar, NY, Ritter's home town, Miller is
calling on his listeners to attend wearing Burger King crowns.

The Scott Allen Miller show contact information is

1-518-452-4800 during normal business hours

The Scotto Show
NewsTalk Radio 810 WGY
One Washington Square
Albany, NY  12205

Clear Channel may now be adding disruption of meetings and denial of
free speech to political opponents to its agenda. Owning most of the
media will not be enough for them, evidently.

Jon Flanders

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