Attempts to split Australian anti-war movement

Peter Boyle peterb at
Thu Jul 17 23:06:12 MDT 2003

A conservative wing of the anti-war movement in Sydney has
moved to split the broad Walk Against War Coalition (which
organised a march of 500,000 against the war on Iraq on
February 16) just as it looks like there may be a basis for
the movement to revive. See

This is the second attempt in the last two months to split
the anti-war movement in Australia by conservatives. See

Both split attempts seem to centrally involve former
organisers of the old Communist Party of Australia. In WA it
was Jan Jermalinski (now a member of the WA Greens) and in
Sydney it involves Peter Murphy (now representing the Search
Foundation, an organisation established, after the CPA
folded, to administer its multi-million dollar assets).

The new coalition hatched behind closed doors is
bureaucratically structured and demands a degree of
political agreement on issues (such as the UN) that would
narrow the appeal of the coalition and blunt its political
focus. Murphy and other conservatives have been smarting
ever since the coalition chose to focus on a clear demand to
bring the troops home, when it was first established to
unite three pre-existing anti-war coalitions last year.

These moves will weaken the anti-war movement in Australia.
Activists should strongly protest and resist this move.

Peter Boyle

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