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Thu Jul 17 23:52:51 MDT 2003

>>Nation Magazine, August 4, 2003
Antiwar Students Rock the Vote
by Liza Featherstone<<

The way Dean is being hyped is scary. And who is
behind it all? The establishment media, and so-called
moderate leftists--jerkoffs all--like you find at the

The only Democratic campaign for president that is
truly left is Kucinich's, which is why the right-wing
media and said jerk-offs are doing their best to tell
us it doesn't exist.

I'm not voting in the next presidential election
because I'm an ex-pat American, and ex-pat Americans
do not have the right to vote (you have the right to
vote only if you maintain a residence in the US and
register locally). But if I could vote I would support
Kucinich and work on getting leftist politics into as
many areas as I could. He came out clearly against the
war before it started, and that is as good a place to
start as any.

Perhaps Kucinich's next step is to try to do something
as an independent. This would expose Dean as the
Clinton-wannabe that he is. If Bush's popularity
tanks, if enough of the pod people realize what they
signed on for, then it could be the end of the Dem-Rep
system, let Dean and Bush have it.

Charles Jannuzi
Fukui, Japan



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