Philippines left electoral victory

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Fri Jul 18 00:30:40 MDT 2003

Victory: Left Wins Seats in Congress

The progressive democratic alliance Sanlakas and the Partido
ng Manggagawa (Workers Party, PM) were at long last
proclaimed as having won seats in congress along with five
other Party List organizations. The announcement was made on
Thursday July 10 and ends two years of court deliberation on
a temporary restraining order to the electoral commission
(Comelec) against proclaiming party list winners. The BMP
actively campaigned in support of the two organisations in
the last elections.

The Supreme Court at first affirmed the party-list law that
allows only parties representing the ‘marginalized sectors’
from being proclaimed. It means junking a few other parties
which were set up and financed by the pro-capitalist
electoral parties and by the government. The seven parties,
however, could not be proclaimed because of a restraining
motion filed by rival parties. Finally, the Supreme Court
lifted the restraining order and allowed the Comelec to
proclaim the seven.

Renato Magtubo, a returning congress representative formerly
from Sanlakas, will take the seat for Partido ng Manggagawa.
Jose Virgilio ‘JV’ Bautista will be the Sanlakas

The five other reps come from Anak Mindanao (Amin) [Mujiv
Hataman], Abanse Pinay (Pat Sarenas), ABA, Philippine
Coconut Producers’ Federation (Cocofed), and Buhay.

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