Dobby the house-elf in Washington

T.Hartin t.hartin at
Fri Jul 18 03:46:54 MDT 2003

What company the man keeps - the only 3 British leaders to have ever
addressed Congress - Churchill, Thatcher and Blair. How pathetic his
performance. As he took the podium, clutching his hands together his big
eyes filling up with tears of gratitude. At last admitted to the club of
his betters... moaning of his ill-treatment by the rest of the world.

WMD? Uranium? Who are they anyway to need excuses for visiting War on the
weak? He could hardly disguise his glee as he talked about the War Party's
massive military superiority. Like the gutless shit who curries
favour with the Mob Boss. Could Dobby dream of one day becoming Senator for
War in Washington?

Don't think I am letting Blair of the hook by comparing him to a cringing,
bitter nothing. The man most likely to hold the evidence to expose Blair
and Co over the Dodgy Dossier has just been 'disappeared' here. I wonder
if Blair got MI5 to do it or whether it was his pals in the CIA.


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