David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Fri Jul 18 03:35:59 MDT 2003

The media in all this has been fascinating.  A friend of mine trained in
journalism used to laugh at how irritated I'd get over its handling of
the buildup and the war: "It's in their interest not to ask questions at
this point.  What Bush is saying makes for a very dramatic story that
people want to follow.  They're just selling papers and building
viewership.  Wait until the war's over and this story starts to get old.
THAT is when they'll 'discover' the president's lying." >>>>

With all due respect to your friend: wouldn't it make more sense, if
one was concered with drama, to expose the lies of our politicians,
their crimes, their role in instigating and/or supporting  coups and
conflicts throughout the world ,etc ?

Your friend suggests that it's the reporters, and not the handpicked
editors, which guide the flow of information coming from the press.

This perspective is unfortunately the predominant view of the media
role presented in most journalism schools.


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