Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Fri Jul 18 07:33:53 MDT 2003

I do not know what specifically you're referring to as "the predominant
view of the media role presented in most journalism schools," and I have
never been to a journalism school.  In short, you're comparing something
you've not specified to something of which most of the list is probably
as unaware as I am.  My response can't go beyond a polite smile,
"uh-huh," and "maybe."

You are obviously misreading into those remarks a criticism of reporters
rather than "media"--the term used.  Reporting news is a process for
which reporters aren't really the most important players.

And you've missed the point--which is that the media DOES get to expose
the president's duplicity and lying but NOW... after they let the
president produce some very lucrative news that would not have been
produced had they exposed the duplicity and lying earlier.  By handling
these stories this way, the media gets a "two-fer."

Yes, it's disgusting and inhuman, but it also fits the behavior of

Mark L.

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