German MPs beat Turkish officer in Kosovo

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Fri Jul 18 08:28:15 MDT 2003

>From the islamist Zaman website:

Another 'Suleymaniye' Attempt in Prizren

Istanbul, TURKEY, July 18, 2003 - German soldiers assigned to the Kosovo
Peace Force (K-FOR) attempted yesterday to detain Turkish Captain Orkun
Ozeller in Prizren, Kosovo.
Attacked by the German soldiers, Ozeller was saved by local people. Both
Turkish and German commanders later resolved the problem, thus preventing a
second Suleymaniye(Sulaymaniya) incident.
A member of a Turkish unit linked to K-FOR, Ozeller was accosted by German
military policemen at 22:30 in Sadirvan Square, according to diplomatic and
local sources. Producing his Civilian-Military Cooperation Unit (CIMIC)
card, Captain Ozeller was asked by the police, "What are you doing here?" As
he continued toward Sadirvan center, Ozeller was stopped ten minutes later
by four German military policemen, two of whom were officers, who wanted to
take him to their station. Ozeller resisted when the police tried to
confiscate his gun, and the five began fighting. People in the square
intervened when the Germans started to hit Ozeller with truncheons.
Going through a medical check-up, Captain Ozeller has been given three days
medical leave.
The attack on Captain Ozeller was the first instance of physical hostility
to Turkish soldiers from allied soldiers, but German troops reportedly have
adopted an antagonistic attitude to Turks for the last five months.
NATO had deployed a 50,000-strong force in the Serbian province of Kosovo to
enforce a U.N.-endorsed peace deal with Yugoslavia and help hundreds of
thousands of Kosovo refugees return home.
K-FOR operates under the auspices of the UN, but is under NATO military
CIMIC was formed by NATO to establish the necessary conditions to bridge the
civilian-military gap in Kosovo, and its members are permitted free movement
in Pirizen by K-FOR.
Celil Sagir / Istanbul / TURKEY

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