David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Fri Jul 18 11:26:14 MDT 2003

From:           	"Mark Lause" <MLause at cinci.rr.com>

> I do not know what specifically you're referring to as "the predominant
> view of the media role presented in most journalism schools,"

 Typo. Journalism schools teach their students that  the news
media is an impartial purveyor of information. I've talked to a
leading journalist/editor and have also read about this.

and I have
> never been to a journalism school.

 I have. took a college course from an editor of a leading paper in

 In short, you're comparing something
> you've not specified to something of which most of the list is probably
> as unaware as I am.

 Don't follow?

 My response can't go beyond a polite smile,
> "uh-huh," and "maybe."
> You are obviously misreading into those remarks a criticism of reporters
> rather than "media"--the term used.

  I don't see the distinction. Journalist work for the news media, the
news media as a bureaucratic institution  impacts how journalist
operate. The media isn't some abstract thing operating
independently of journalists...

  Reporting news is a process for
> which reporters aren't really the most important players.>>>

  I agree.

> And you've missed the point--

  I don't think I've missed anything....

which is that the media DOES get to expose
> the president's duplicity and lying but NOW... after they let the
> president produce some very lucrative news that would not have been
> produced had they exposed the duplicity and lying earlier.>>>>

  Yes, but why does that happen? Why do journalists expose the
lies after the fact?

 By handling
> these stories this way, the media gets a "two-fer."

 Again. PLain english please!


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