US invasion of Syria killed 80!

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Fri Jul 18 14:23:59 MDT 2003

I take this with a certain grain of salt, based on the language used
("initial reports" of battlefield deaths are rarely accurate) as well as the
source, but still...
If true, it would be certainly interesting how quiet Syria has kept about

U.S. Syria raid killed 80

By Richard Sale, UPI Intelligence Correspondent

07/17/03 (Washington Times) ) Depicted by the Pentagon as a mere border
skirmish, the June 18 strike into Syria by U.S. military forces was, in
fact, based on mistaken intelligence and penetrated more than 25 miles into
that country, causing numerous Syrian casualties, several serving and former
administration officials said.
But one senior administration official told UPI the attack crossed  "25
miles or more" into Syria, and the Pentagon had initial reports of 80
Syrians "who were KIA (killed in action)."


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