Penatgon "to ensure that the next U.S. takeover of a foreign country goes more smoothly"

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Fri Jul 18 14:27:40 MDT 2003

Below are the first 2 and last 3 paragraphs of a lengthy article which
outlines how U.S. plans for the occupation of Iraq started in detail
during the spring of 2002 and hints at the ambitious global war drive
pursued by the American government.  Worth a look.  The conclusion of
the article affirms what Fidel Castro and others have been saying
about U.S. foreign policy.

Way back on June 5th Gary wrote --

"Actually I am slightly puzzled about the WMD affair.

"But then that is a weakness of the Left.  I knew there were none or
none that were deliverable.  So I am not surprised when none turn up.

"It is like in the old street fighting days, when police brutality
never fazed me because I expected them to be brutal.

"Liberals however used to squeal loudly and theirs was the correct

"In the WMD Affair the liberals are squealing again."

Gary's elegant point came back to me reading this article -- no mere
16 words in the State of the Union address, but lies, secrets and
silences every inch of the way.  But I expected as much.  Here we
learn that the planning for the occupation of Iraq was in full swing
while Bush was out publically denying that there was any plan to
attack Iraq at all.  (I recall arguing with liberal friends about a
year ago that the United States was still planning to attack Iraq,
with them saying 'no, it couldn't be.')  Exploring and discussing
these lies in detail -- including the real motives behind the war --
will help to build the antiwar movement just now.




Preparing for War, Stumbling to Peace
U.S. is paying the price for missteps made on Iraq
By Mark Fineman, Robin Wright and Doyle McManus
Times Staff Writers

July 18, 2003

WASHINGTON -- Secretly, they gathered in an auditorium in the nation's
snowbound capital -- uniformed generals, assistant Cabinet secretaries,
war college professors with top security clearance, and senior
planners from the Pentagon, the U.S. Central Command and dozens of
other federal agencies.

The date was Feb. 21. More than 100,000 U.S. and British troops were
already poised at Iraq's doorstep. Their battle plan was rehearsed and
ready. In fewer than 30 days, the first American tanks would cross the
sand berm into Iraq from Kuwait, launching the tip of the spear of
what would be a swift and brilliant battlefield victory.


Still, he [Feith, #3 at the Pentagon] and other Pentagon officials
said, they are studying the lessons of Iraq closely -- to ensure that
the next U.S. takeover of a foreign country goes more smoothly.

"We're going to get better over time," promised Lawrence Di Rita, a
special assistant to Rumsfeld. "We've always thought of
post-hostilities as a phase" distinct from combat, he said. "The
future of war is that these things are going to be much more of a

"This is the future for the world we're in at the moment," he said.
"We'll get better as we do it more often."

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