Nationalism (end)

DMS dmschanoes at
Fri Jul 18 11:35:54 MDT 2003

I knew it wouldn't be final.

Calling people fascist because they challenge you
to provide a concrete analysis that supports your
view isn't exactly erudite, sophisticated, or
revolutionary.  At best it's stupid, at worst a
smear. You can make your selection.

I have submitted to the list concrete analyses to
support my views about...oil, nationalism, imperialism,
overproduction.  I don't think they're flawless, but I
think they identify something you disregard-- the
actual determinants of social struggles.

Haven't seen you write one concrete word about the actual
conditions of production in an oppressed "nationality," the
actual relations of classes in oppressed and oppressor

Everything you offer is a moral imperative, a posture,
a pose.

End of discussion.

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