For those who want to influence the Green Party

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Fri Jul 18 17:09:09 MDT 2003

Eli Stephens, who as people may remember is dead set against having an
illusions in such reformists as Peter Camejo, now offers a *positive*
way to influence the green party. "There is an informal 'presidential
election' (to suggest a Green Party 
nominee) currently in process at...."

Eli, how could you?

The poll is an *obvious* scam. They require you to
"opt-in" to their spam list and you can vote for anyone you want ... As
long as it is NOT NOT NOT Peter Camejo.

They've got at least two billionaires on there (Warren Buffett and Ted
Turner), two Democrat candidates (Kucinich and Dean), Hollywood
celebrities (Danny Glover, Susan Sarandon, Oprah), a bunch of people I
never even heard of ... but not Camejo.

In true Democrat party fashion, there is, of course, no place to write
in other candidates.

Iswitched appears to be the creature of one "Thomas Leavitt," a
self-proclaimed "internet entrepreneur."

To say this person is a petty-bourgeois idiot is an insult both to the
petty bourgeoisie and to idiots everywhere.

Consider this pearl of wisdom: "It is particularly important to note
that, combined, Gore and Nader registered the strongest 'left of center'
vote since Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964, and that if IRV [Instant Runoff
Voting] had been in place in 2000, it is very likely that Gore would be
President today, Nader would have received over 5% of the vote. and the
Green Party would have qualified for Federal matching funds in 2004 -
all infinitely better outcomes for the progressive movement than what
actually occurred."

Deconstruct that. Lyndon Johnson's 1964 vote against Paleolithic
republican Goldwater was the "strongest left of center" vote in
historical memory? And what was the concrete result? Plots against
Fidel; the actual assassination of Che, Malcolm X, Dr. King and many,
many others, and the Vietnam War ...

Then jump to elections 2000, and his "better outcomes than what actually
occurred." Bore instead of Gush ... And drawing the Green Party further
into the web of bourgeois electoralism and legalism. *Just* what working
people need as they grope their way towards giving political expression
to their class interests.

What "actually occurred" is that GORE won the election. Yes he did. He
won the popular vote, and he won the Florida vote (in the old-fashioned
sense of "winning an election," i.e., getting more people to vote for
you than anyone else running) and would have won the electoral college
vote, too, undemocratic as it is -- if HE had not decided to LET the
Republicans get away with stealing the election. He rolled over for
them. He was happy enough to TAKE the votes of working people, but when
the time came to DEFEND the right of working people to have their vote
count, he rolled over for the Republicans. Because to resist would have
meant calling on Blacks and other working people to mobilize. 

What "actually occurred" is that a right-wing cabal with the
acquiescence of the Democrats STOLE THE ELECTIONS.

Now you're thinking okay, but the exclusion of Camejo from the
presidential poll must've been out of ignorance. Dream on. This turkey
is in Santa Cruz, California, he ran as a green (shudder) for citywide
office, he knows DAMN WELL who Camejo is and what kind of green party
Camejo is trying to build, which is most decidedly NOT the great "Left
of Center" tradition of ... Lyndon Johnson.

So who is Leavitt pimping for? A press release on his web site spills
the beans:

"Should the Green Party nominate billionaire investor Warren Buffett for
President? It's worth considering, say some participants in the
ISwitched.Org Online Primary, citing the billionaire investor's strong
and principled opposition to repeal of the estate tax and other elements
of President Bush's $550 billion tax cut plan, his modest lifestyle and
attacks on excessive executive compensation....

"A preliminary tally reveals several other nominations that may surprise
those whose image of the Green Party is mostly white and male (and
anti-business)." The operative part is, of course in parenthesis.

Now, in case you're thinking of "registering" in his "internet primary"
(and thereby joining his yahoo group listserve) and then jamming his
list, forget it. Like all true BOURGEOIS democrats, Leavitt understands
the *essence* of bourgeois democracy, bourgeois freedom of speech,
bourgeois freedom of the press -- and most concretely, bourgeois freedom
of opinion on listserves. Which is that it extends to those who own one,
AND NO FURTHER. And quite in keeping with his filtered list of
candidates, his Yahoo group is an owner-posts-only list. 

Leavitt is a perfect example of the kind of petty-bourgeois dilettantism
and muddle-headedness that WILL be swept out of the green party if it
becomes a mass party of working people.


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