For those who want to influence the Green Party

Eli Stephens elishastephens at
Fri Jul 18 17:27:39 MDT 2003

Jose write:

>Eli Stephens, who as people may remember is dead set against having an
>illusions in such reformists as Peter Camejo, now offers a *positive*
>way to influence the green party. "There is an informal 'presidential
>election' (to suggest a Green Party nominee) currently in process at...."

>Eli, how could you?

>The poll is an *obvious* scam. They require you to
>"opt-in" to their spam list and you can vote for anyone you want ... As
>long as it is NOT NOT NOT Peter Camejo.

Amusing that you respond in this way, Jose, since this information and the
recommendation to go vote in these polls came to me from Peter's campaign
manager, Tyler Snortum-Phelps <tyler at>, in an email entitled:
CAMEJO FOR GOVERNOR: Vote for Camejo today!!

As for your analysis of the "iswitched" group, I have no reason to defend
it, but I will point out that perhaps Camejo is not on its Presidential
straw poll list since they are well aware that Camejo is currently in the
midst of a very real campaign for Governor of California and hence would be
unlikely to be interested in the Green party nomination for President.

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