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David Quarter writes:

>>There is much that journalists could expose during or prior to the
incident that would  make the story just as big.<<

I feel obligated to point out that on this subject at least, David
Quarter's pronouncements are the purest windbaggery, he has absolutely
*no* [=zero, zip, nada, none] clue as to what is *actually* going on.

There is today in bourgeois newsrooms in the United States an
unprecedented level of represssion and censorship. Down to edicts
communicated to every editorial workstation about what "news" one may
and may not report, even what *words* one may or may not use. Down to
the level of web pages disapprearing from websites and correspondent
reports, *even ones that had been approved* being yanked from the air.

These edicts are *enforced* up and down the editorial chain of command
to the point where censorship and self-censorship become inescapable.
When TV station WLIE tells you "WLIE's Joe Blowdry had the story," that
is the literal truth. Joe Blowdry *belongs* to WLIE, he is their slave. 

The *actual* situation is this: if you were to tell me that it had been
discovered that a secret ministry of truth had been established under
Cheney, Rummy or Wolfowitz, my response would be, "NOW I understand what
I see around me every day."

The "journalists" are no more responsible for what is on the printed
page than the lumberjacks who cut down the trees to make newsprint in
the pulp mill.

There *is no journalism,* even in bourgeois terms, LEFT in the United
States mainstream media, or as close to as makes no difference. What
little there was will soon be gone with the coup in the New York Times.
U.S. journalism TODAY is as honest as the count in Florida was in the
2000 presidential election. And I'm exaggerating the honesty -- of the
journalism. If you're wondering what "regime change" would mean for
(even bourgeois) freedom of the press in the United States, you must
speak strictly and solely in PAST tense.

If you don't believe me, ask a genuine bourgeois billionaire, Ted
Turner, how much freedom of the press HE now enjoys at CNN.


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