Richard Harris rhh1 at
Sat Jul 19 06:53:58 MDT 2003

Comrades interested in Blair's current standing in the UK should listen to:

It is a popular radio 4 programme.  The format is of a panel of politicians,
newspaper people, celebrities etc. answer questions about current topics in
front of an invited audience.  Before this programme visits an area, local
political parties, community organisations etc. are invited to nominate
audience members.  The BBC then use demographic data to try to get an
audience that is representative of the locality.

The first two questions deal with Blair, the first, specifically on the
death of David Kelly.

If you are not in the UK, the response from panel and audience to question
two, on Blair's current standing, will really surprise you, even with all
you have read about his loss of popularity.

It will take about fifteen minutes to listen to.

Canterbury, Kent.

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