David Kelly and the British political crisis

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Sat Jul 19 03:51:52 MDT 2003

It's hard to pick things from this distance, but I still cannot quite grasp
the significance of the Kelly suicide. According to the Guardian, the
Labour Party were targeting him instead of the
BBC, as that was too united and strong to bring down. So they picked on an
obscure individual and set out to crush him.  They seem to have succeeded
all too well.

But why should this incident be such a blow to Blair?  I would have thought
that the admissions in his address to the American legislators that WMD
might(!) never be found would have been the death blow  to his credibility.

Perhaps Kelly's death is symbolic of the damage done to little people by
the powerful.  Whatever the case his death seems to have really struck some
sort of nerve.

The UK is indeed a strange place - witness the fact that I think more
Labour MPs voted against Fox hunting, than against the war on Iraq.

Finally I hope of course that Blair does not survive this, though his
weasel qualities are so deeply ingrained in him.



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