New Zealand Prostitution Reform Act 2003 - additional information

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Sat Jul 19 08:01:17 MDT 2003

The New Zealand Prostitution Reform Act also establishes a "review
committee", which among other things would look at ways to help people avoid
entering and to leave the sex industry....


The Accident Compensation scheme already applies to sex workers. The only
impact of the Act will be that a sex worker will no longer be working under
an "illegal contract".

Both prostitutes and brothels will come under the ACC classification for
"personal services not elsewhere classified" which is the category that also
covers massage parlours.

This classification falls within the broader Levy Risk Group 690, Personal
and Other Services - Medium Risk Group.

In 2003/04, sex worker employers will be required to pay a 56 cents levy per
$100 of liable earnings to cover income replacement while injured, while
those who are self-employed will pay 57 cents. In addition, workers will pay
38 cents per $100 of liable earnings up to $15,000 to cover medical and
rehabilitation costs.

There will also be a 5 cent Health & Safety in Employment Act levy and a 39
cent levy to cover the cost of long-term claims to ACC dating from before 30
June 1999.

ACC will cover the normal range of injuries, as it does already.

Cover is unlikely to be available for sex workers who become pregnant in the
course of their employment as this would not be considered a personal injury
under the Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Compensation Act 2001.

But it may be available for a sexually transmitted infection if the tests
are met that are set out in Section 30 IPRC Act 2001 for work-related
gradual process, disease or infection.


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