David Kelly and the British political crisis

T.Hartin t.hartin at qmul.ac.uk
Sat Jul 19 09:05:43 MDT 2003

I really don't think when it comes down to it that many workers over here
really care about WMD. Everyone knows in their heart what the war was
about, a naked display of power to show the world who's boss - and probably some
of the spoils as well.

What people can't stand is the bullshit, the spin, the smarmy fucks in
Whitehall. There was a misplaced (IMO) sense of failure on the part
of our side in the period of late April when 'victory' was declared
in Iraq. There was an understandable feeling of powerlessness. The Left union leaders
looked weak - the firefighters were sold out, other awkward squad members
made concilitory noises, the STWC went into recess (a mistake I think).

But things have been turning around again. Someone on the
list earlier described the BBC/No.10 tussle over the dodgy dossier as a pillow fight - and perhaps
that is what it would have remained except the government is too pigheaded
to accept even the slightest wrong-doing on their part. Alistair Campbell
would not let it rest even when the media I think wanted to put it to bed.

Instead the gvt looked to shift the blame - onto the media, onto
Intelligence services, on to other fall guys - anyone but themselves.
Kelly was a direct victim of government spin. Personally, I don't think Blair directly
ordered it - but I think there were elements within some arm of the state
that thought they were acting on Blairs behalf.

That is what everyone is thinking now, and it kind of feels like the final straw.
I truely hope so - but I want Blair to go out on a wave of street protest and a rash of
strikes. In terms of what us UK lefties on list should do. I think lobby
STWC - email them, call people, whatever. We have to get out on the
streets again almost immediately - its crazy now waiting until September
for the next demo.


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